Coating System Supplier

HELIOS is well-known as reliable and experienced industrial coatings producer but also for advanced adhesives for the industry. Our product solutions are designed in one of the best equipped R&D laboratories worldwide. According to growing market demands, new trends, but also according to new regulations, we are constantly developing our product systems and solutions. Our experienced technicians, located in almost all European countries, are cooperating closely with our customers in order to receive the optimal solution for their individual needs, taking into consideration our full strength as system supplier – combining powder, liquid, e-coat and gel coat solutions but also adhesives in order to provide an excellent package of highly advanced and aligned solutions for the industry.

Your Industrial Coatings System Supplier

The perfect match of different systems is of utmost importance – not only in regard of visible but also non visible facts like ageing influences. The company´s long-term experience and the intensive cooperation with its customers gives Helios the necessary practical relevance to be your strong and reliable system supplier.

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