ACE Coatings

Agricultural Construction and Earthmoving machinery (ACE) – harvesters, tractors, various implements, trailers, bulldozers, diggers, cranes and other equipment – is very demanding. It requires excellent resistance to abrasion, good mechanical and chemical properties, the highest anticorrosion protection, and meet high aesthetic demands. Vehicle manufacturers are looking for a durable high-quality surface protection against frequent exposure to weather, salt, water, chemicals, earth and other sources of abrasion.

The application fields of ACE coatings are vast and diverse. They reach from the simplest agricultural equipment to giant mining trucks. Helios develops ACE coating solutions based on innovative technologies. The group is a premium partner of advanced ACE manufacturers and offers a comprehensive product portfolio for different customer requirements. The perfect match of different systems is of utmost importance – not only in regard of visible but also non visible facts like ageing influences. The company´s long-term experience and the intensive cooperation with its customers gives Helios the necessary practical relevance to be your strong and reliable system supplier who offers you:

  • Waterborne primers and top coats,
  • High solid primers and top coats,
  • High solid one-layer (direct-to-metal) polyurethane coatings,
  • Powder coatings for ACE,
  • E-Coats
  • Adhesives/Sealants, and
  • various legacy materials.

You can also ask for a tailor-made solution: Our tailor-made products may involve all the technologies available within the Helios Group and integrate various production processes just for one single end product. These customized coating solutions are possible due to the strong cooperation between R&D, sales and the technical service.

Our experienced professionals in the R&D department develop the special properties of the product solutions to meet the requirements of the customers and the steadily rising demands of the ACE industry. Together with our reputable customers, we have achieved great results in the European and CIS regions. Our modern product portfolio consists of:


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