Commercial Transportation

Commercial transport vehicles endure very high levels of exposure and extreme conditions. They require the utmost anti-corrosive protection and durability as well as the highest quality and stability from the coating system. Coating solutions for truck rigs, for instance, should not only withstand extreme weight, but have to be resistant against abrasion when transporting ore, sand or gravel. If the freight is grain or corn, health regulations need to be considered as well.

Decades of experience in the automotive and protective coatings industry make Helios and Rembrandtin reliable partners and specialists for coating solutions for trucks, truck cabins, truck rigs, chassis, buses, ATVs, railway coatings and ACE equipment.

Our high-quality durable coating solutions are specially developed for steel, stainless steel, galvanized steel, sheet metal, aluminum, color metals, and a wide range of plastic and polyester laminates, and include:

  • sealers,
  • primers,
  • base coats,
  • top coats,
  • clear coats,
  • putties and

 For more information about our commercial transportation coatings and services, please take a look at our brochure, or contact us directly.