General Industrial Coatings

Helios Group provides coating solutions for a very wide range of different industries and for all types of metal surfaces, such as iron, aluminum and other non-ferrous metals. Our product solutions allow different application methods – they can be applied manually or automatically, by spraying, immersion or flow coating.

Besides recent product innovations – such as “HELIOS ONEsingle-layer coatings and “SUNCOLORspectral selection coatings – Helios offers a wide metal coating product range for the general industry:

  • White goods: washing machines and dishwashers, cookers and stoves, drying and ironing machines, and different component parts.
  • Heating systems: stoves, collectors, heat pumps, boilers, radiators, heating panels, piping.
  • Electrical distribution equipment: transformers, generators, turbines, collectors and network structures.
  • Construction: metal paneling, tools, roofing, partitions, joinery, ventilation devices.
  • Electrical industry: housing for engines, starters, hand-held appliances, cabinets.
  • Metal industry: production of machines and devices, fencing elements, metal furniture, safes and cash-registers.
  • Automotive industry: hooks, axles, chassis, rims, seats, springs, bumpers, engine casings and protection of screwing elements, hydraulic and pneumatic components, trailers, special equipment for vehicles.
  • Casting: covers, valves, fittings, hydrants.
  • Ironmaking: protective varnishes and light covers, pipe protection

General industry coatings for metal are produced in Austria, Croatia, Russia, Serbia, Slovenia, and Ukraine. For requests, more information and services, please contact us over the form by choosing your or your nearest country. If you are interested in powder coatings for general industries, please refer to