High Heat Resistant Systems

All our high heat resistant coatings are produced at our Austrian production site Rembrandtin Lack in Vienna. For many decades, renowned manufacturers of wood-burning stoves, flue pipes, and hotplates worldwide have been relying on the high heat resistant systems from Rembrandtin. Colorful and heat resistant – this is what our THERMODUR brand stands for.

THERMODUR coatings are heat resistant up to 600°C, show very good color retention even at high temperatures and excellent adhesion properties. They are developed to avoid smoke when heating for the first time. Our high heat resistant systems are mainly used for wood-burning stoves, fireplaces, fireplace inserts and flue pipes, electric and gas heating appliances, toasters, hot plates and many more.

Alongside their special features, THERMODUR coatings are available in more than 20 brilliant color shades and open up new possibilities for the design of your products.


For more information about our High heat resistant coatings, please have a look in our brochure or on the Rembrandtin Website or contact us directly.