Railway Coatings

Since 2014 Helios and Rembrandtin have been combining their concentrated competence in the field of railway coatings. Under the brand RAILTEC, they form one of the largest segments within the European Helios Group. Our high-quality railway coatings are used for railway vehicles in more than 40 countries worldwide. Through our wide product range, we cover all demands in the field of railway coating types:

  • solventborne systems,
  • waterborne systems,
  • one-component systems,
  • two-component  systems  and
  • putties.

All our products guarantee the easiest processing. They are environmentally friendly, VOC compliant, easy to repair and fast drying. While we maintain economic efficiency, we never question the quality of protection of trains against corrosion, changes in colour shade, graffiti and other damages – permanently.

All railway coatings products are regularly certified to ensure high-quality standards and high performance. The group is committed to the principles of sustainable development, integrity, and value creation. Rembrandtin is equipped with international certifications for it´s tailored solutions for local and long distance trains, as well as for goods wagons. At our local production in Russia, Helios Russia offers railway coating systems, which are approved by VNIIZHT Railway Research Institute, a company affiliated with Russian Railways and the largest scientific and research centre for 1520 mm railway systems.

Besides the offer of fully reliable railway coating solutions, Helios Group also provides outsourced painting services. Our customers profit from this service as we are delivering end-to-end solutions with technically skilled painting teams experienced in the application of our coating solutions.


For more information about our protective coatings range and services, please download our brochure or contact us directly.