UNIHEL PRO Mixing System

UNIHEL PRO colorants are specifically designed for tinting high performance, non-aqueous industrial coatings. They are formulated with carefully selected raw materials in order to provide a wide range compatibility in different types of industrial coatings. Unihel PRO colorants are suitable for primers, intermediates, topcoats and monolayers.

With Unihel PRO mixing system, you can get hundreds of shades fast and reliable in alkyds, vinyl-acrylics, epoxies, polyurethanes. The colorants in this system meet all requirements for a high-performance coating system in terms of compatibility, pigment selection, gloss retention, hardness, adhesion, solvent and water resistance, weather stability and several other key performance factors.


  • assurance of colorant and base paint compatibility,
  • color matching and
  • database development.

Precision and the ability to create a shade quickly are two very important elements that

HELIOS TINTING is definitely able to provide. We offer our clients an increasing range of shade formulations based on colour charts (RAL, NCS, RAL DESIGN, BRITISH STANDARD, MUNSELL, RAL EFFECT, etc.) and also create recipes for desired shades based on dry samples and other commercially available colour charts.

For additional information about our mixing systems, please visit Helios Tinting Website.